Are you fed up and frustrated with a lack of energy, motivation and time but you know that something needs to change in your health and body before it's too late?

Have lost your way with your health, body and fitness in the last 5-10 years?

Waking up every day struggling to get going, knowing that you have a family to support yet you feel exhausted at the thought of another day.

Fellow Dad, my name is James Bacon. I am a father to 2 children and I know the exact struggles that you go through each and every day.

They call it the trifecta of insanity. Having a wife/partner, children and going to work or owning a business is absolute chaos in our lives. And if we don't look after number 1 (ourselves) then all of this becomes more chaotic.

Having a body that is pain-free, full of energy and feels strong every single day will help you to get through your day much easier without needing coffee & sugar to give you a temporary boost that fades quickly leaving you feeling worse.

What if you could wind the clock back twenty years?

Remember all the things you used to do before you were a Dad?

That is still possible but I need you to understand that only you can save you from where you are at right now.

Wherever you are right now inside your health and body, you can change that to a fitter, stronger, healthier version of you!

If you are lacking the motivation right now, that is ok because at just Dad's Fitness we have a proven system that helps people to get in the best possible shape without having to find motivation.

You see, motivation is always an outside force inwards.

But working with us in our community of Dads they always find inspiration from seeing the other guy's getting incredible results as they follow our system.

Whether that is at our live sessions or online.

Jamie came in to join us after a health scare, after absolutely hating exercise and gyms.

But in 18 months he was in a completely different place both mentally and physically.


Nutrition is always key to losing weight.

But that doesn't mean you have to give up the foods you love.

If you want some help with your food choices along the way then our plans have you covered.

Our clients still drink beer 🍻

David Chadwick. Online client.


Just Dads Fitness is about community!

We give you access to our client group on Facebook where we have clients from both of our sites plus the online Dads for the duration of your stay.

We run bi-weekly coaching calls on zoom, so you can jump in and ask any questions as well as some education!

Snowdon climb September 2021


Just Dad's is about community and having those around you in the same boat is important to your success!

Our online or physical location sessions are here to help you feel part of a community and achieve your goals.

I'm In! 


I'm James Bacon. I created just Dad's Fitness back in 2013. This was after my first child (Mylee) was born. It completely shook my world and how I operated.

I was lying on my gym floor at my studio at the time. Exhausted and thinking to myself, If I am struggling with this lack of energy then how must other Dad's be feeling in the same situation.

That was the lightbulb moment that I knew I had to create something that would help Dads.

And here we are 8 years later and still helping many Dad's to feel like they are in an environment to get their health, body and fitness back.

Just Dad's isn't about getting ripped and muscular. For most of our clients, it is about mental health and having more energy and time on this planet with their families.

JB lost 1.5 stone with us. Burton Client


Whether you choose to join us at our physical locations or online we have the same training and nutrition methods. Our system is based around strength training and easy to follow guidelines that still allows you to enjoy your food!


You can choose to attend our sessions or if you choose the online option we will add workouts to your mobile app!

Mobility Exercises

Designed to help your movement in life. Strong joints and muscles equal better movement in life!

Strength Training

We include weight sessions to rev your metabolism up! This is particularly important as you get older because we lose muscle each year. A lack of muscle equals the loss of ability to burn body fat.


We give you a complete guide to help you with your nutrition.

Recipe Finder

You'll get some recipe books to help you along the journey. With scan in facility to your tracker!


You're never alone when you're part of Just Dads Fitness. We have a strong community to help you get through the journey!

Chris McBride after 6 weeks!

Jamie Thomas 18 month transformation

Mick McKean lost a stone in 28 days

Ready to start your journey?

Working with your coach in either of our physical locations or online you will then set yourself up to continue the amazing progress you will have made.

This is for you if you want a serious change to your health, body and fitness.

It's for you if you want to be a stronger, healthier and fitter version of yourself than you are today.

If you want that extra energy and strength so playing with your kids is easier.

If you want your confidence back in your body with less weight.

The next step is to click the button below, then enter your details and fill in the short form so we know if it's a good fit at the moment for you!

I'm In!